Attention: Women and men over 35 who are STRUGGLING with lack of energy and unwanted belly fat…
“Gut Flora Slimdown” Method Optimizes Metabolism Boosting Hormones & Shrinks Stubborn Fat Zones...

PLUS: This heart-healthy system SUPPORTS Healthy Blood Pressure.

From: Dr. Carl Bamlet

Dear Friend, 

Why is it that some people can eat just about anything... And stay slim and healthy looking…  

While others gain pounds from even the slightest indiscretion?

You’re about to discover the TRUTH about what really WORKSand what doesn’t (that I have learned in my 20 years plus as a Doctor and Nutritionist) 

What you’re about to learn is not some weird diet plan, hard core fitness regime OR a miracle weight loss pill. 

It’s based on biological principles about the ecosystem that is YOUR BODY. 

This is because your GUT is the key to you becoming a  fat burning machine…

Stick around and I will show you an innovative method that balances your gut with the good bacteria it needs to... 

Safely and effortlessly shed pound after pound of stubborn flab and belly fat – AND KEEP IT OFF!

When you make this method part of your routine, you'll quickly notice some stunning changes take place…

Namely, a SLIMMER waistline, FLATTER belly…

And WELL-TONED butt, thighs and arms.

In the coming days, you’ll have boosted energy and focus to put into things you love to do…

A few short weeks from now when you walk past a mirror you’ll have to stop and double-take because you now see the leanest, healthiest, and most attractive version of yourself…

In just a moment, I will show you proof of why this breakthrough method works so well to trigger your fat melting metabolism and keep it going ALL day EVERY Day…

to TRIGGER your fat melting metabolism and keep it going ALL day EVERY Day…   

You’re about to discover:

11 Craftily marketed “healthy foods” that are destroying your gut and making it impossible for you to lose weight - you have probably eaten more than one of these nasty foods today!

The “Gut Flora Slimdown” Method, that unleashes your body’s natural ‘Metabolism Boosting Hormones’ AND Shrinks Fat Zones.

Essential Foods & Drinks to consume daily to balance your gut and kick-start your metabolism so it burns fat even while you are eating ice cream 

How often have you told yourself “this time I will lose weight” And perhaps you did... But then you packed it all back on… plus some?

I don’t need to remind you how FRUSTRATING AND DISHEARTENING it can be when this happens.

It sucks. However, you must understand your weight gain and lack of weight loss.

It Isn’t because you don’t do enough exercise – You would have to walk 2 miles just to burn off a single cookie.

It Isn't even about what you eat -  Being stuck on diets is not sustainable because you CAN’T eat foods you hate all day long. That is just torture.

I know you’ve tried doing this… most of us have… and it won’t work!

See, If you have to use WILLPOWER for months on end, to fight back cravings, it’s always going to be an UPHILL BATTLE

What about counting calories – Surely they can help you lose weight?

Nope! Complete MYTH… The calorie counters spend years watching their weight go up and down… because LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS has little to do with calories or calorie counting…

So what does matter?

MODERN SCIENCE PROVES that it is ALL ABOUT what is growing in your gut...

As humans, we have a strong stomach and a well-maintained digestive system.

When our gut is healthy, digestion is seamless… Food becomes INSTANT ENERGY!

Our body doesn’t properly eliminate the foods we consume (both healthy and unhealthy) which directly leads to long-term weight gain.

That’s why skinny people stay slim. And the reason why a fortunate few people can
lose weight so easily…

While the majority of us struggle…

Choose to eat healthy to support good gut health

I’ve been there and it’s frustrating to say the least… 

The biggest obstacle for you to successfully hit your weight loss goals is...


In this case misinformation about what it really takes to Optimize Metabolism Boosting Hormones & Shrinks Stubborn Fat Zones…

You’ve been FED LIES by the diet and exercise industry for DECADES..

But today we set the record straight!

Here’s how this remarkable ‘FAT ELIMINATION' method became the biggest weight loss breakthrough known to man


 ...My good friend Bonnie had gone from being a slim 135 pounds in her 20s to close to 300 pounds at 42.   

We hadn’t seen each other in over 7 years because she moved out of state after college. So naturally, I was super excited to catch up with her… 

We met over coffee; we were discussing what to get for our friend Kate who was turning 40 next week… And then suddenly Bonnie burst into tears.

 She said she doesn’t think she’ll be coming to the celebration. 

Why not, I asked her?
“Look at me,” she exclaimed! “I can’t face people looking like this…
I’m wearing pregnancy pants, for goodness sake. 
I can’t even find bra sizes that fit me anymore…”
I’m forced to wear ugly clothes that aren’t me because that is all I can find in my size”
You know most stores don’t even have anything that will fit me anyway… Let alone make me look good
And I’ve seen the way people look at me when I’m out and about

“I see the way they stare… Judging me… whispering under their breath… “

"I can’t take it anymore!”

I reassured her I think she looks great, and that nobody there cares about what she looked like anyway… That people just wanted to see HER and not what she looks like.

She explained to me how over the past few years; she had changed her diet and been to the gym 3 days a week…

She had CUT OUT fast food and wasn’t even eating gluten… 

Yet EVERY TIME she lost some weight, she gained it back only weeks later..

Bonnie then told me that just last month she took a probiotic supplement that was recommended for weight loss on Amazon. 

…She also started eating unsweetened yogurt a few times a week. 

What she found was she lost about 10 pounds over the next month… And she did this, removing nothing from her diet.  

But then the following month, she gained 7 pounds back doing the same thing…

Which only added to all the PILED-UP misery she literally carried around with her… 

 “You have no idea what it feels like to put so much work in, only to not see ANY results for the tremendous effort I’ve put in!” she exclaimed.    

Tears slid down her face as years of bottled-up emotions came to her suddenly like a flood. 

My stomach just sank - I felt terrible for her. But I actually knew what that felt like…

Because in my line of work as a nutritionist and weight loss specialist, I had seen this countless times before and NOT just for women… but many men too…

So I was excited that I knew I could help her…

...And then went on to talk about the gut, and WHY it holds the key to ongoing and lasting weight loss.

I explained how “In fact”, there are more bacteria and microorganism cells in your body than human cells. Trillions more.”

 I explained how “In fact”, there are more bacteria and microorganism cells in your body than human cells. Trillions more.”

“And there are many POSITIVE things these microorganisms do for us…”

“...They produce vitamins, they communicate with the immune system to FIGHT OFF infection…”

“...Plus they directly influence how fast we metabolize our food… AND produce chemicals that make us feel full.”

“So getting the right BALANCE of microorganisms in your gut is the MOST IMPORTANT THING when it comes to losing weight.”

“So the probiotics were a bad idea?” she said.. As she wiped the tears from
her face with a kleenex

Yes, and no, I replied…

“See, while they are a good start probiotic supplements are only a small piece of the puzzle towards rebalancing the gut,”

“And if your gut is polluted with bad bacteria, they are nowhere near as effective as they could be”

“If you have a poor gut microbiome, then it’s like trying to run a race while wearing a heavy backpack… You’re at a distinct DISADVANTAGE… And it’ll feel a LOT harder than it should.”

PLUS, You are unlikely to keep excess weight off long term because your gut is not coming to the party…

Bonnie's eyes opened wider …

She broke into a gentle, optimistic smile…

That’s when I knew she “got it”

To start her off, I gave her a list of 10 food and drink items she needed to add to her pantry and consume regularly…

I assured her she won’t need to ‘diet’ as such, but she should naturally GET FULLER FASTER if she mixes these into her way of life.

The truth was that over the years Bonnie had made many attempts at diets and exercise, only to make her situation WORSE than before.

And NONE of that was her fault…

But, If she had kept listening to what she’d seen on television commercials or what she read on google she’d be in an even worse situation today!

As we parted… Bonnie's big blue eyes were filled with HOPE…

A trust that this time would be different… 

So she added the 10 items that he had suggested to her pantry. 

And she consumed them regularly, at least every 2nd day. 

I sent her more recent discoveries I had been working on in my clinic. Including a quick trick that would SPEED UP her METABOLISM…

I also gave her my favorite DELICIOUS breakfast drink…

Which was flavored and scented with 4 ANCIENT herbs and spices that when combined the right way are a COCKTAIL for both your senses and your metabolism.  

These are one of the many SECRET WEAPONS I give patients to SUPPRESS CRAVINGS and KICK START their gut bacteria hyper fat-burning potential.

I’ll tell you what they are coming up and...

What Experts Consider To Be The Gut Bacteria That Helps Weight Loss The Most – And How You Can Get MORE OF IT.

Now, I was quietly confident that it would make the effects of the Gut Flora Slim Down Method even stronger…  

And within a month Bonnie had dropped 11 pounds. 

Nothing too exciting, but it was progress…

The next month she dropped a further 5 pounds…

On our monthly call, I could hear a disheartening tone in her voice

because she expected to lose more…

But I assured her that this was completely normal BECAUSE the process to balance her gut bacteria had been SET IN MOTION

“Just keep with the steps and you’ll do fine” 

Are you sure I shouldn’t diet more?”  she replied…

“Trust me,” I said calmly as we hung up the call. 

In the 3 months that followed, she dropped another 27 pounds…

Now this was exciting and Bonnie could now SEE the light at the end of the tunnel…

She thought about meeting a great guy…

Going to parties WITHOUT fear of being subjected to fat-shaming…

She dreamed of standing in front of the mirror and actually liking what she saw looking back at her.

And she hoped more than anything to LOOK and FEEL HEALTHY

Within 6 months, she had dropped a whopping 74 pounds…

And she was the happiest and most energetic that I’d seen her in YEARS!

What’s more, in the 6 months after that, she NOT ONLY dropped another 36 pounds, bringing her down to well under 160 pounds…

Today, approaching her 44th birthday , her HEALTH, SPIRIT, AND LUST FOR LIFE is far greater than it was in her early 30s.  

She can now fit clothes she feels CONFIDENT and happy wearing.  Even a new slimming dress she plans to show off to her friends and family on her birthday. 

It also helped Bonnie address many nagging issues she had had with yeast overgrowths, which were associated with UNBALANCED GUT FLORA AND OBESITY. 

Though the interesting thing was… NOW she felt like going out for walks and being outdoors 

NOW she felt like eating vegetables and CRAVING more healthy options.

This was because with LESS bad microbes in her gut she had FEWER cravings for sugar, polyunsaturated fat, and salt

So her lifestyle did change, but it was FIXING her gut that enhanced her lifestyle, and NOT the other way around. 

And she could still enjoy most of the delicious foods she loved

What is just as remarkable is she now sees herself as a prize worth winning.

And as a result, her self-esteem has shot up. 

Just last week when I met Bonnie for lunch… 

Right away, I noticed she was breathing easier than when I'd seen before and she looked like a different woman. 

She said “I can finally see the real me, now that the fat has literally melted off my face”

“I think I look quite pretty and a few years younger too!”  

My heart tingled seeing her almost uncontrollable GRIN… 

A BEAMING smile like the sun that had been trapped behind the clouds for years.

And a RADIANCE I had not seen in her before…  

On top of that, I was excited to learn she had met a new man…  

A guy who treats her well and makes her laugh a lot.   

After years of suffering, Bonnie was finally enjoying life the way she wanted. With NOTHING to hold her back. 

And Weight-Control Is Just The Start!…

Using My Method To Effortlessly Fix Her Gut And Seed It With Good Bacteria
Bonnie has more energy
A stronger immune system
More effective digestion (no dharma or constipation that plagued her life before)
She enjoys a better sleep and feels happier
And she has also helped lessen the likelihood of developing some cancers and autoimmune diseases as she gets older.

And I’ll give you the recipe to do the same…

 But first, let’s take a quick look at the FACTS and WHY they are so important for you to understand. 

Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes, collectively known as your microbiome.

Most are essential for us to live a healthy life 

Countless studies have also PROVEN a direct link between diverse ‘healthy’ bacteria (microbiome) in the gut, and weight loss.

However, some of these bacteria are harmful to humans and can cause obesity, making losing weight effectively out of the question.

Does that mean there are BAD types of Bacteria that can make us FAT?

The bacteria in our gut MUST BE IN BALANCE for YOU  to be HEALTHY and LOSE WEIGHT

Too much of the bad…(like parasites, yeasts, or harmful bacteria) or not enough of the good (like Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria),

Can lead to serious damage to your health and will make it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off…  No matter how healthy your lifestyle is.

One of the biggest culprits to unhealthy gut bacteria are antibiotics and painkillers.

This is because indiscriminately KILLS OFF BOTH BAD AND GOOD gut bacteria

Sure there are life-saving benefits to antibiotics… Though it can be argued they are “overused”, I know many Doctors who use them as a “better safe than sorry option”

There are also other species of bacteria that  produce chemicals like lipopolysaccharide

Which causes inflammation when they pass into the blood. It also causes weight gain and insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes

Let me give an example for those who want to know the science behind it all. 

If you eat a lot of animal protein and fat, then you want to have Bacteriodetes in your gut.

If you eat a high-fiber diet, then you need the gut bacteria “prevotella” which digests fiber and carbohydrates.. Prevotella has also been linked to our ability to lose weight more quickly. 

The BETTER NEWS IS… That there ARE other species of intestinal bacteria like Prevotella that REDUCE inflammation and PREVENT weight gain.

Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia, for example, are beneficial species of bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut barrier.

And STOP inflammatory chemicals from passing from the gut into the bloodstream.

And while there are several ways to achieve a HEALTHY bodyweight

Getting the right cocktail of GOOD bacteria in your gut is VITAL

 As illustrated when researchers took an obese person’s gut bacteria and transplanted it into the gut of a mouse…

 They were shocked to discover that within just a few weeks the mouse became obese too!

THIS COOKIE Study proves GOOD bacteria is key to SHREDDING stubborn flab and belly fat.

The problem with exercise as the means to lose significant weight is that it just doesn’t burn that many calories.

And any calories that it chews through are easily REPLACED with microscopic changes in our diet.

 You may have heard about the Oreo cookie experiment.

Which proves to burn off just 2 cookies you would need to run for around 45 minutes on the treadmill. 

 That is why so many people start working out,.. Many ‘get extreme’ for a while… 

Drop a few pounds… get encouraged…  

Then hit a PLATEAU WALL before gaining it all back.

It’s demoralizing.especially when you have heaped so much pressure on yourself.

And it's completely unsustainable as proven by…

An Unusual Weight Loss Discovery That dispels the MYTH that exercise equals weight loss

See, a detailed study in 2010 where 202 children from 40 elementary schools in England were studied by researchers for 10 years.

Their physical activity was recorded and the SURPRISING finding was that…

less physical activity DID NOT lead to becoming overweight.

A further study conducted by The Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group also concluded that obese children do not need to increase their physical activity any more than their lean counterparts do…

Wouldn’t you rather ENJOY life while at the same time BURNING those extra calories?

Of course, you would!  

And you can do it by putting more of the RIGHT KIND OF BACTERIA into your gut?

Now you might be thinking this all sounds a bit too sciencey! 

Not a worry because you can get ALL of these healthy bacteria by eating!

And I mean by eating well WITHOUT cravings. 

So stick around and I’ll show you how to help your gut garden blossom so you safely lose all the weight you need and keep it off.

Optimal Gut Bacteria Starts With Your Diet

You Won’t Just Look Better Than You Have In Years, You’ll FEEL Better Too.

Most people know that eating processed high-fat foods too regularly is NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

And studies published by medical news today in 2021 show that these foods FEED the bad bacteria…

And because of the lack of nutrients in them… 

They starve the good bacteria, creating a POOR gut microbiome and make it near impossible to lose weight effectively… EVEN IF  you limit your food intake or jog a few miles a day.

Getting results is what really matters, right?

But How Are You Supposed To Enjoy Lasting Results When You Are Being SO MISLED About What To Eat And What Not To Eat?

Further studies published by WebMD clearly show that many foods that are marketed as “great for weight loss” or “healthy options” can actually CRIPPLE your metabolism.  

Making you slower, fatter, and sicker. 

HECK, You may have eaten these stomach destroying foods today!

11 So-Called "Health Foods" that are sabotaging your GUT and Causing You to GAIN More Body Fat (not lose it)

This includes “whole wheat bread”
Rice cakes
Packed FULL of High Fructose Corn Syrup - basically poison for your gut
(Full of starch that contributes to spikes in blood sugar and weight gain)
Fruit flavored Greek yogurt
Go for natural and add fresh fruits
Hazardous for your gut flora
Processed Pasta
you could try making your own
Protein shakes
you could try making your own
Canned soup
yup even the vegetable kind
Cereals, breakfast, and granola bars
more of that sugar, often more than a donut
Bottled smoothies and “vitamin” energy drinks
This includes “whole wheat bread”
Italian, Balsamic, or Vinaigrette Style Dressings
you could try making your own

Those are just a few bad foods that spell DANGER for your BELLY…

So now you know some of the major foods you should AVOID… 

Of course, on the flip side, there are hundreds of foods that are GREAT FOR YOUR GUT.

High-protein foods — such as lean meat, fish, eggs (up to 6 per week), some dairy (these can help increase your metabolism for a few hours)

Mineral-rich foods like nuts (not peanuts), and seeds (these make a great snack)

And undoubtedly, most vegetables are healthy and can promote weight loss...

And, I'm willing to BET…

If you go out and grab ANY of these foods after you finish reading this page, add them to your diet for a few weeks. 

You'll likely experience losing a few pounds, just like tens of thousands of people have before . . .

You’ll feel a fizz of energy in your gut. 
The hunger pains will disappear….
You’ll feel aches and pains subside
You’ll feel aches and pains subside
You’ll feel your pants fit differently… 

That’s the good news . . .

Now Here's The Bad News

The bad news is that we discovered that ADDING these simple foods to your diet can BEGIN balancing the microorganisms in your gut. 

And help you KICKSTART your weight loss journey… 

But we also know...

OPTIMAL GUT BACTERIA Starts With Your Diet (But Doesn’t Finish With It)

They can’t do the job alone.  They need some help!

And that’s another reason why 85% of people like Bonnie lose weight for a month or two.

Then risk quickly PILING IT BACK ON and most do.

Which, of course, is a complete motivation and confidence killer… 

Not to mention making you feel you’ve WASTED your time..

The reality is, as STUDIES PUBLISHED by Harvard Health show...

In order to lose weight effectively in the long term and keep it off…

Your gut garden” MUST flourish with Healthy Microbiota 

And here is what I have learned is the best way to do this.

At Last…

A Safer, Easier Way To Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Metabolism, Lose Fat And Dramatically Increase Your Overall HEALTH

My name is Dr Carl Bamlet and over 20 years ago I began my journey into the world of natural disease prevention. Having survived brain cancer at the age of 19.

I made it my life’s mission to UNCOVER the scientific truth of how you can take back your health, lose weight, and enjoy a long, happy, disease-free life.

Inspired by the results of YEARS of painstaking research and many incredible discoveries made along the way. That has been tried and tested by Bonnie and THOUSANDS of my INCREDIBLE clients… 

I transformed ALL my proven techniques into a complete STEP BY STEP 

Gut Healing, Hormone Balancing, Health Boosting, Fat Zone Shrinking INSTRUCTION MANUAL

A breakthrough method that works with your body SAFELY and NATURALLY…

And today I want you to join me as we start a new SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT LOSS movement that won’t imprison you with crazy diets or intense workout regimes.

I’m so excited and proud to introduce you to the Gut Flora Slim Down Program

This image is for representation purposes only.

Thanks to Gut Flora Slim Down you can do this gut healing, body slimming fat loss program WHEREVER you want, WHENEVER you want.

You don’t have to get in your car, drive to the gym or a park, and then back home

You don’t have to be on strict diets that force you to eat bland or gross food that leaves you hungry and grumpy.

You don’t even have to rely on willpower or motivation. 

And if your gut could speak, it would thank you.

I laid out the program in easy-to-follow steps that systematically repopulates your gut with GOOD healthy flora that helps you LOSE WEIGHT EFFORTLESSLY

Think about it like this…  

As we talked about, exercising can help you lose weight in the short term but it’s a long slog… and hard to keep the weight off for good.  

Gut flora Slim Down fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle… 

The method you will use inside acts like a detonator that sets in motion your body’s natural ability to lose unwanted fat.    

And BOOSTS your gut resistance and your body's defenses 365 days a year

Plus, you’ll be AMAZED how easy Gut Flora Slim Down is to follow…

Everything is available to you INSTANTLY online in your own personal “dashboard” for easy access.

You can go over the program materials on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

So wherever you go, Gut Flora Slim Down goes with you.

PLUS, you’ll appreciate the COMPREHENSIVE instructions that are super EASY to navigate and apply…

Here is why so many of my clients love this club and why you will love it too… Discover...

The “Gut Flora Slimdown” Method, that unleashes your body’s natural ‘Metabolism Boosting Hormones’ AND Shrinks Fat Zones.

The 5 nutritional mistakes that are keeping you FAT and unhealthy. I don’t want you to keep tripping over these like most people do. The big problem is they are not mentioned often… But knowing them will instantly make your weight loss journey easier…

Dr Carl’s 12 must have “rapid slim down” foods you SHOULD add to your shopping list today… They are not pricey… or only available at specialty grocery stores in the United States…

Why many leading probiotics supplements don’t work–because they are missing one essential component–that you’ll get here. This is a game changer…  (plus the difference between PRE and PRO bionics… And what role they play in your body.

The great “wheat debate”: Why this common grain is SABOTAGING your gut… making you sick and stopping you from successfully losing weight… Or keeping off any meaningful weight long term… This dangerous grain also harbors other nasty secrets that you should absolutely know.

Believe it or not, poop transplants are all the rage among the world’s rich and famous.… But the truth is there is a less invasive (and gross) way to get the same results… I’ll show you how to redefine your “gut garden” – Using your stomach's ability to grow healthy lasting bacteria.    Think of this as the fertilizer that will transform seeds into a beautiful blossoming garden…

The real deal when it comes to FAT: Discover what it really is and how to ensure you only get “healthy fat” from foods–Plus the 3 high-fat foods that are actually GOOD FOR YOU that should be eaten weekly…

Your gut controls your immune system and is the KEY to a healthy you.

The best way to BOOST your immune system is through your diet… So I'll show you the top 5 mega foods that strengthen your digestive tract.

Giving you greater protection and fighting off the threat of diseases that want to make you sick… This is extremely important with the world pandemic still ongoing…

Diabetes, food and weight loss are all connected… Find out what Doctors now say is the shocking cause of type 2 diabetes. And why the Beta Cell Balancer Method is vital to get your blood sugar levels back to normal in LESS than a week! So you don’t end up the next diabetes statistic.

Case Study: The incredible collection of 21 affordable paleo cooking recipes that Bonnie used to lose 90 pounds in just a few months! (Even though she had a “thyroid issues which makes it harder for her to lose weight)

You’ll get even more so-called” healthy Foods” to AVOID that are making you FAT, LAZY and UNHEALTHY. You won’t see these bombshells coming! This is the best-kept secret of nutritionists and it’s the reason why their patients melt off excessive fat fast even if they couldn’t before.. (Plus, alternative options that are twice as tasty!)

Discover the species of intestinal bacteria that reduce inflammation and STOP weight gain long term so you get the best possible chance to lead a long healthy life.

How to REPLACE many medications that are killing off your good gut bacteria with a powerful alternative that boosts your immune system and keeps you “gut healthy” as you get older.

Gut flora slim down will also help address any yeast overgrowth...

Do you know about the Gut flora Smoothie?

Add this ONE INGREDIENT to your daily smoothie and immediately experience a SURGE OF ENERGY through your body while also injecting your digestive system with a “happy bacteria” that repairs your gut lining…  

The REAL secret to dropping a dress or belt sizes in as little as 14 days. Use my incredible Paleo Rice Alternatives to replace the high carbs from your meals, while NEVER going hungry. These are delicious and you'll have more energy as a result too!

The overlooked nutrient FLUSHES OUT all the nasty toxins that hold FAT prisoner inside your body… While also destroying your arteries, liver and heart at this moment.

Ever wondered why some people NEVER pack on the pounds no matter what they eat?This may sound shocking but the "metabolism modifier" Method lets you keep your waist trim.

This may sound shocking but the "metabolism modifier" Method lets you keep your waist trim WITHOUT eating bland tasteless foods that leave you hungry and grumpy…

This is my greatest pet peeve when it comes to what many say “weight loss: must be… NOT HERE - This means when you follow my program you'll NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) have to deprive yourself of your favorite tasty treats and comfort foods you don’t want to give up.. (you’ll just have a set time to eat them)

I’ll give you a different story about the HEART and heart disease that you probably haven’t heard… How your waistline and the heart are intertwined... PLUS the secret foods that keep your heart healthy... (reduce heart disease risk by up to 65%)

Get ready to optimize your current state of health to a level you’ve never imagined before. So instead of feeling grumpy, tired, and empty most of the time, now you can experience an IDEAL state of health, energy, and longevity that your body craves.

The 3 step “Doctor's Secret” to balance the good bacteria in your digestive system–The repair starts here.

You’ll discover one deadly mistake that 87% of men and women make when trying to lose belly fat.

Are you insecure and ashamed of your body shape?

I know feeling this way sucks. So you need to use my “shapeshifter” trick that flushes out fat from all those problem areas… You know thighs, hips, bum and tum. This method SPEEDS UP your metabolism so much that you'll finally know what it feels like to be sexy and free from your insecurities... 

Feel a powerful surge of energy all over your body when you drink my yummy “Vitality Shake”. This is the easiest way to RECHARGE your batteries and have a burst of energy to last you throughout the day.. And is great for slimming down too…

Delicious no prep eating plan that combines the right foods to keep your gut bacteria healthy and stop it from going rogue (again). This is essential to keep your gut flourishing...

The weight loss secret to SLASH your risk of dying from an obesity related disease - over 300,000 Americans alone die each year because of the obesity epidemic, Add to that more than 260,000 from Europe

REWARD: Earn progress badges after each module

Here is why so many of my clients love this club and why you will love it too… Discover...

If you’re struggling with any of these right now
  • Stubborn fat that won’t go away no matter what you do.
  • Excess fat in one or more areas (unsightly cellulite that is spreading)
  • Painful bloating and swelling in the gut after eating  
  • Digestion problems (IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea or Excess gas)
  • Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux
  • Low energy (especially in the afternoon) 
  • Dry dirty skin - looking older than you are
  • Poor sleep routine - Waking up restless (Zombie mornings)

Then this is totally for you! 

Three-step Gut Flora Shakedown

Gut flora slim down is designed to …
Balanced Gut Flora

Help your body naturally balance your gut flora so good bacteria can flourish while simultaneously healing your gut from the years of damage it may have sustained.

Sustainable Eating

The gut flora slim down method incorporates a sensible–No cravings sustainable eating plan that ensures your gut remains a healthy fat-fighting machine long term.

Weight Loss

Unleash a cocktail of metabolism boosting hormones AND shrink fat zones for 24-48 hours ... PLUS a host of other incredible health and wellness benefits.

  • Zero Energy & Fatigue
  • Poor Sleep patterns
  • Painful joints
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Excessive sweating
  • High risk of disease
  • Always feeling hungry
  • Moodiness
  • Limitless energy
  • Low cholesterol
  • balanced blood pressure
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved breathing
  • Reduced risk of heart disease or stroke
  • Prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Enhanced sleep-quality
  • Skyrocket confidence and happiness

The Time For Excuses Is Over

It Works for ANYONE at ANY Age, in ANY Condition And Regardless of “Genetic makeup”

Starting Weight Loss Is Overwhelming

Gut flora slim down allows you to start with small steps. 

And the fact you’re here means YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET HEALTHY. And that is the first step.

The program also lets you SEE incremental progress with your own eyes. 

You'll feel greater motivation to take on further challenges. And develop sustainable habits and routines that will carry you to your goal weight.

I Can't Stay Motivated

When you use Gut Flora Slim Down, there is no need. It’s not your fault because, like I said, constant diets and hard out exercise plans are motivation killers.

That makes this program unique and different- there is minimal impact on your lifestyle. And will quickly become seamless.

My Body Doesn’t Burn Calories Because I’ve Got A Slow Metabolism

That is more than likely because your gut flora is out of balance. But once you balance the bacteria in your gut, science shows your body will become a fat-burning machine. 

I Have A Metabolic Disorder

Traditional methods can make weight loss a struggle.  

But multiple studies show that most metabolic disorders can be reversed by repopulating the gut with a good gut microbiome.

This makes it a heck of a lot easier to lose weight.  Other benefits include lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improved insulin resistance.

I Am A Picky Eater

Great news! There is a wide selection of fat burning foods you can eat. Something for everyone… Oh, did I mention you can still eat many of your favorites! –Trust me, your tastebuds will jump in excitement.

I’m Too Old

Age is no barrier to transforming your gut… In fact, many studies show it will help you lose weight, boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, look and feel younger and more than likely allow you to live a longer healthy life. 


Gut Flora Slim Down is NOT for everyone

I have tried to make this program easy and seamless and something ANYONE can do… But if… 

  • You're NOT willing to make a commitment to lose weight...

  • You think POPPING a diet pill or STICKING to a strict diet is what it takes to lose weight safely and keep it off for life.

  • Or You think the BEST way to slim down is with intense cardio sessions and full on gym workouts.

  • Or You don't REALLY believe you can experience the healthy body you dream about.

  • You're the type of person who likes to TALK about your weight loss dreams… But you never actually TAKE ACTION.

...Then Gut flora Slim Down is probably not going to be for you. 

And I wish you only the best with your weight loss…

But for those who TRULY WANT A BETTER WAY,

A heart healthy system that works with your gut to SHRINK fat zones boosts energy and makes you feel and look amazing… then…

Here’s my promise to you . . .

Just grab your copy of “Gut Flora Slim Down” and you’ll be amazed at how your health transforms almost overnight. 

 In fact, if you’re like a lot of folks, you’ll feel you suddenly have a SUPER POWER.

The power to lose ALL the weight you want WITHOUT stress or fuss.

Honestly, I can’t wait until you feel what it’s like to finally be comfortable in your own body… 

The disbelief (in a good way) that this time YOU really did it!!! 

Admiring yourself in public mirrors or any reflective surface… Just to make sure it is you.  

Receiving all the compliments from friends and family that are GENUINE!

To finally FEEL you’re now the person destiny wrote for you. 

You feel the sweet tingles of JOYFUL DELIGHT that circle softly around your body… 

Giving you that warm, comfortable, and happy feeling that you have missed for far too long… 

IMAGINE how great your life will be when you know EXACTLY what to do to lose the weight and KEEP it off.  

And enjoy EVERYTHING A WONDERFUL life offers you. 

Now you are healthy and energetic

To top it off SLASHING the risk of dying of an obesity related disease or illness. 

Now, you may start to wonder…

A weight loss system with this kind of power at your disposal is going to be expensive. And who can blame you? 

As a Doctor and nutrition and weight loss specialist for over 20 years I see so many  women and men spend thousands of their hard earned dollars on stuff like personal trainers and dietitians…

And many more like those who charge $200 to $300 PER HOUR or MORE for several months and EVEN years. And usually aren’t even able to give you solid, fail-proof solutions to long term fat loss…

And that doesn’t even include ALL the EXTREME workout programs, RESTRICTING diets, and potentially DANGEROUS diet pills that come with them.

If you add up the cost over time, it would be several thousands of dollars.

And with today's economic climate, that is money that could be put to FAR better use. 

I WANT YOU to lose weight and feel great FIVE, TEN and TWENTY years from now. Not drain your bank account… 

So, what do you think would be a fair price for my program?

I think $499 would be fair considering the LIFETIME of benefits you will get from this day forward.   BUT hey, I know that is still a lot of money and I want to give you a break…

So you will not pay $499. Heck you won't even pay $299 for this life transforming information… 


For your choice of $37 per month OR one time payment for 1 year of just $67.

But here is the BETTER news.

I am so confident that this will work for you. I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is to keep you motivated.  

I will pay you to lose weight! 

I know It’s one thing to have a perfect system, but it's another thing if it is fun! 

And I want you to ENJOY the process!!

So everybody who has success will WIN:

Simply take a before and after photo with a few details, submit it and WIN cash money and prizes. 

Just like KATE - who lost 50lb - enjoyed herself doing it and got paid for it.  

The truth is  I will lose money by you joining my program -  But I don’t care one bit. 


Because someday in the future I may not be able to afford it. 

But right now I run a successful in demand health and wellness clinic.

So if you put the time in, then I will REWARD YOU.

I want people to see this. 

I believe that this is truly one of the top weight loss programs known to man. 

And for me to achieve that I need to have a high success rate so this is an investment for me. 

So making a loss now is a WIN for me long term - and it's a BIGGER win for you.  

In fact, I am going to make this offer even more irresistible…

Sign up right now and  I will give YOU LIFETIME membership to the Gut Flora Slim Down Club for $67.  Where you’ll enjoy even more PREMIUM CONTENT. 

And YOU’LL GET PAID to lose weight.

This image is for representation purposes only.

Gut Flora Slim Down

Best Value



And to top it off I am so confident that I am willing to take ALL the risk.
Money-Back Guarantee And Special Deal Offer

I want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase today…

I realize that you have likely tried out a bunch of ways in the past to lose weight that HAVEN’T WORKED Anywhere near as well as they promise…

I understand you may be a little skeptical about trying something new…

I also understand that YOU WANT RESULTS… 

Tangible real-world results you can SEE when you look in the mirror and FEEL when you slip into better fitting clothes …

Trust me, I get it…

I have seen over 11, 657 people so far join the club and use Gut Flora Slim Down to UNLEASH their body’s natural ‘Metabolism Boosting Hormones’ to shrink FAT zones… 

That is why I am SO confident that you will LOVE the program…

I am offering you a 60 DAY “IRONCLAD”  100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

It’s that simple.

OK, if you’re STILL not convinced...

If there’s still a little voice in the back of your mind that isn’t sure…

Let me do ONE MORE THING to make this the EASIEST choice of your life...

So you have ZERO REGRETS to keep you from TAKING ADVANTAGE of this limited offer...

Because I’ve made it my mission to serve YOU and I want to give you so much added value, saying YES is automatic. 

I need to point out something… I don’t do things by halves… 


When you become a club member you’re not just receiving Gut Flora Slim Down System today. Nope. 

As a thank you for watching today’s presentation.

I’m going to give you absolutely FREE, 

FOUR special customized GIFTS when you get started with Gut Flora Slim Down today, 

These in demand bonuses have a combined value of over $300. Each designed to deliver you incredible results from the main program EVEN FASTER…

While boosting ENJOYMENT of your overall experience with this program.

I think you’re really going to love them. Today’s first free bonus you’re receiving

Today’s first free bonus you’re receiving

Bonus 1
The Gut Flora Slim down Method 30 Day Planner and Diary

Recording how you feel is VITAL to your success. Using your daily diary, you find out more about you, your habits, your highs, and your lows.

You will also be more aware of what you are eating. This will help keep you on track with the motivation to keep driving towards your weight loss goals. 

Print your planner out and keep it beside your bed. This simple activity takes less than 5 minutes a day and will quickly become a habit. And this is one habit you’ll reap: significant benefit and reward day after day.

Bonus 2
The 6 Pillars Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is much more complex than it seems on the surface… 

There’s more to it than ingoing numbers and outgoing numbers.

You’ve probably been thinking about nutrition and physical fitness as related only to diet and exercise. Most people do. 

Your weight loss goals don’t fail because you don’t understand that an apple is a better snack than a candy bar. 

They fail because of your pattern of behavior, and because you haven’t made a good plan to deal with it. It’s important to INTERRUPT those destructive patterns to create new, healthier habits.  

And this breakthrough guide is a shortcut to do just that, helping you to bridge the gap between food and your mind.

Bonus 3
NATURAL probiotics and Prebiotics quick start guide

Discover the benefits and foods to keep your gut flora healthy naturally. 

Maintaining a healthy gut can sometimes be difficult. 

But there are many healthy probiotic and prebiotic foods that you can eat to help your gut. 

We’ll show you the ideal combinations and portions of foods that will help improve your gut health.

Bonus 4
5 habits of mindful eating guide

You’re going to LOVE this… 

Mindful eating is a simple method of becoming hyper-focused on the present moment, and being aware of your senses while eating food.

It can help manage eating habits,  build confidence and make you feel better about your body.

So let’s add this all up just so you can see for yourself what a great deal you’re actually getting...

With your special discount, you’ll get the complete Gut Flora Slim Down Program

We already agreed the main program alone is worth $499 by itself (but honestly it’s worth a lot more) So that’s already a pretty astonishing deal right there.

 But you're also getting FREE of charge

  • The Gut Flora Slim down Method 30 Day Planner and Diary,
  • The 6 pillars of weight loss -The revolutionary ‘flat belly’ system that fixes your EMOTIONAL relationship with food
  • NATURAL probiotics and Prebiotics quick start guide
  • 5 habits of mindful eating guide 

Together, these bonuses alone sell for at least $328

And that doesn’t include the SUPPORT you get - EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

If you were to check out from a store, it would be at least $787

But using your SPECIAL DISCOUNT you get access to EVERYTHING for a steal

I don’t know about you, but if I swiped my loyalty card at my favorite store and my bill for almost $800 worth of product was slashed by 80% I’d feel like I won the JACKPOT 

Or like there had been some kind of mistake with the bill. 

But no matter what, I’d hurry to grab my discount before someone tried to take it away...

Click the button below, enter your payment information right now before life gets in the way and enroll in...

This image is for representation purposes only.

Gut Flora Slim Down

Best Value




In a bunch of ways, I wish I were you right now.

Because I know what’s about to happen. 

I know how OVERJOYED you’re going to be when you see and feel what happens when your gut is FIT and READY for ACTION… 

When you simply do what your BODY is designed to achieve

Thank you so much for your time.

I wish deep in my heart that you take this weight loss journey with me.

I can’t wait to SEE Gut Flora Slim Down bring you the healthy body YOU so much deserve.

5 reasons ordering the Gut Flora Slim Down right now will be the BEST decision you ever make…

  1.  Within a few minutes from now, you can gain instant download access to Gut Flora Slim Down and start using the simple but extraordinarily effective techniques that will INSTANTLY start transforming your weight loss, your health and your happiness.

  2.  Hundreds of other Men and Women  all over the world have already used my secret gut flora method to prevent illness, live longer and, of course, lose weight long term. They can now enjoy their lives and feel completely in control of their health and their weight… and now you can do the same.

  3.  If you don't decide to TAKE ACTION and become the healthiest and happiest you want to be RIGHT NOW, you may always live in hope and regret that you never did the one thing that has the potential to change your life for the better… The one thing that has the potential to make you look amazing, feel healthy and happy.

  4.  If you act TODAY, then you're guaranteeing that you'll get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $167, plus the FOUR  limited-time only value added gifts. You don’t want to let this crazy deal pass you by!

  5.  With your 60 day money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you. If you aren't satisfied for ANY reason, or The Gut Flora Slim Down Program doesn't live up to every last expectation you have (I’m confident it will), just send me an email and I will refund your payment immediately… Right up to the final week of my 60 day guarantee!

I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me about all the AMAZING success you’ve experienced using the Gut Flora Slim Down program.

Every email and letter I receive from my wonderful clients gives me an enormous sense of pride, so please write and tell me your story…

Begin your journey to optimal health and a slim figure today…

Your friend,

Dr Carl Bamlet

P.S. This course is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And remember, this heavily discounted price will not be around for long, so if you want to get Gut Flora Slim Down Program and all the other goodies you need to act NOW! Don’t wait another second to feel more energetic, happy and in love with your life.

P.P.S. I don’t want to put pressure on you, but the truth is you’re here because nothing else has worked. You know you want to do this! Now is the perfect time, and I am with you every step of the way. So if you’re even a little tempted, you need to grab this astonishing, life-changing opportunity while you still can!