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February 14, 2022
What to do AFTER You Binge

By Dr Carl – Nutritionist, Chiropractor and Author of the GUT FLORA SLIM DOWN PROGRAM   No one plans on binge eating… but now that it’s happened, what’s next? Whether it was brought on by a stressful life event or just feeling sad…   What’s done is done… Right now, you may be feeling bloated, nauseous, […]

February 14, 2022
Top 3 Rice Alternatives That Help Burn Fat

DOES RICE MAKE YOU FAT? By Dr Carl – Nutritionist, Chiropractor and Author of the GUT FLORA SLIM DOWN PROGRAM   For centuries, really, rice has been the staple food for over half the world’s population.   It’s readily available and a cheap food that fills you up… Even today, over 3.5 billion people depend […]

February 14, 2022
The Apple Cider Vinegar Fix to Beat Belly Fat

Is this really a thing? Does it even work? Let’s find out. By Dr Carl – Nutritionist, Chiropractor, and Author of the GUT FLORA SLIM DOWN PROGRAM   This sure surprised me… But In 2017, it was shown that the most searched term on Google was something between the lines of apple cider vinegar detox […]

February 14, 2022
5 Best Healthy-Fat Foods for a Flat Belly

Some of these foods have gained a “bad reputation” but the scientific proof is in…And it’s SHOCKING… By Dr Carl – Nutritionist, Chiropractor and Author of the GUT FLORA SLIM DOWN PROGRAM   What you eat is what you are right? That is what most Doctors will say… But are they right? Well, that depends […]

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Why Sugar Makes Us Sick, Tired, and Fat
This Toxin Is STOPPING You From Burning FAT Effectively Long Term

The TRUTH is we’re ingesting a toxin found in many foods (many labeled healthy) that creates a vicious weight-gain cycle.

This toxin is making us sick and tired all of the time, and making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight. 

If you’re dieting and exercising and wondering why you can’t lose weight, why you’re sick and exhausted, you might be surprised to learn it’s the type of sugar in most of the food we eat that is causing your body to STOP Burning FAT.

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Ever feel like you're Jumping from one diet to the next but just can't seem to keep the weight off? Or doing boring cardio only to have your weight loss plateau?
5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Weight And Keep It Off.

Many people start their weight loss journey full of hope and motivation

But, those feelings can quickly transform into frustration and despair.  Working out or sticking to a restrictive diet becomes more and more difficult. 

And their willpower rapidly declines. Not their fault, it's human nature.   More often than not they end up right back where they started. 

Then a few weeks or months later they try again.  And get the same  disheartening results.    Stuck in a neverending weight loss cycle.

To lose weight effectively you must have some basic knowledge or facts if you will about how your body burns fat. 

Exercise and Gym Session

First you need to understand that exercise alone will NOT bring you the desired results long term. 

Sure, it's healthy. You should be active everyday.

And it will help shed a few pounds at the start. But more often than not it doesn’t last.

This is because when your gut isn’t working with you all workouts will make you feel tired and exhausted.

Diet Plans

Oh no!  Not another diet!   Diets are the single most popular way to lose weight. Many of my clients have bounced from diet to diet like a YO-YO with generally unfavorable results.   

That’s because the truth is when it comes to losing weight it Isn't even about what you eat (at least not entirely) PLUS as you probably know being stuck on diets is not sustainable because you CAN’T eat foods you hate all day long. That is just torture for your mind and your tastebuds.

Diet Pills

are designed to suppress your appetite so you eat less. The biggest issue with these pills is they go against our natural ecosystem. Doing more harm than good.    Most people I know who have taken these ended up piling all the weight back on as soon as they stopped taking them.   

Scientific research now shows that these fat burners can cause higher blood pressure and put you at greater risk of suffering heart attack or a stroke.

Liquid diets

Many of my clients have tried these. And they have certainly been trending as a way to lose weight.  Some people consider them an easily digestible diet for the stomach as they contain fewer calories and are healthy to use during the weight loss journey.  I’m on board with that but truthfully - How long can you sustain a liquid diet?   These drinks are best used as part of a balanced diet. 


A common belief is that when you’re overweight FAT is the enemy.  And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, eating a triple stack burger soaked in fat isn’t a good idea. But you must realize that FAT is an essential part of the nutrients our body needs. There are two types of fat. One is a healthy type of fat and the other is an unhealthy fat.

Skipping out on those healthy fats means you lose out on essential nutrients your body NEEDS to stay in tip top shape. GREAT NEWS: There are many delicious healthy fatty foods that your body will thank you for.

So what does it really take to safely lose weight and keep it off?

Science tells us the ticket to long term weight loss and good health lies in your gut.  This is because your GUT is the KEY to you becoming a fat burning machine…

Here’s The Real Truth About Losing Weight, Keeping It Off Long term WITHOUT Willpower Or Giving Up Foods You Love.
Here’s What Some of The Experts From The Gut Flora Slim Down Program Have To Say About The Current State Of Nutrition In The World
Dr. Eric Wood
Naturopathic Physician

Cancer is yet another epidemic we are facing. Research suggests that 95% of these cancers, or even more, potentially, are lifestyle-linked. Our lifestyles, our habits, are almost diametrically opposed to what we want to be doing to support good health…

Leanne Ely
Author and Nutritionist

We have to start looking at our children… We have to remember that we are feeding little souls that are housed in these little tiny bodies and it's our absolute responsibility to give them the right food, so that they can create the strongest healthiest body they can possibly have. And if we don't do that we're doing them the biggest disservice. We're setting them up for disease later in life.

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson
Founder of Bright Line Eating

I am beyond worried about the health of our upcoming generation. I am horrified. If I think about it deeply, almost nothing makes me more scared – both for our kids health as they get older… But also for our collective finances… we cannot afford to pay for the diseases from the foods that we're eating.

Dr. Alan Christianson
Naturopathic Physician

I'm concerned that this next generation is not projected to have the same health that the current one does. I have children that are in these youngest generations. And the data tells us the lifespan is declining.

Summer Bock
Holistic Health Coach

I looked around and realized how many people are suffering and they're taking over the counter medication and they're taking pharmaceuticals, and they're doing all these things that aren't actually making them stronger. It's not making them better in the long run. It’s treating a symptom. It's not getting to the root.

Dr. Robin Bernhoff
Occupational Medicine Specialist

Looking into the future we will have a nation of massively obese people with heart disease, diabetes, taking hundreds of dollar or prescription medications every week – which is great for the drug industry but not ultimately for our health.

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