About Me

Hi, I’m Dr Carl Bamlet,

And when I was just 19 years old I almost lost my life to cancer.

After months of enduring excruciating headaches and blurred vision, tests finally confirmed what no one ever wants to hear: I had pineal germinoma, otherwise known as brain cancer.

This diagnosis made me have to drop out of college, undergo chemotherapy and radiation, and endure two brain surgeries. I was constantly weak and sick from the drugs, and terrified of what my life had become.

The surgeries removed all of my tumor, but I was told there was still a significant chance of the cancer coming back in the years to come.

At less than 20 years old, it felt like a death sentence hanging over my head.

This experience triggered in me a determination to take my health into my own hands and find out exactly what I could do to maintain my cancer-free prognosis and live a long, full life.

And I didn’t just want to fight cancer…

I became more and more aware of all of the people around me who were falling victim to crippling conditions such as obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

I saw friends lose parents far too young, and experienced the suffering of some of my own close family members.

All around me I saw lives being dictated by disease. This wasn’t the future I wanted for myself or my loved ones.

So, this began my journey into the world of natural disease prevention and reversal.

I made it my life’s mission to uncover the scientific truth of how you can take back your health, lose weight, and enjoy a long, happy, disease-free life. 

And today I want you to join me as we start a movement to improve the health of an entire generation. Starting with the world's largest epidemic - OBESITY.

I uncovered the secret to long term healthy weight loss so you can put the struggle, frustration and disappointment behind you. Get ready to join the movement to treat the root cause of Weight gain and the easiest way I know to BURN it OFF fast. 

Dr. Carl Bamlet